Added enhancements for the Woocommerce Multilingual products table filter by original language, display language flag. To help you faster, I’ve enabled debug information for this support ticket. Affidabile Offriamo assistenza completa per WPML, che vi aiuta a consegnare siti web perfetti in tempo. The shipping fee was not converted correctly when using the multi-currency mode Bug fixed: Product parents not synced between translations grouped products Bug: Unfortunately, despite starting again several times this cannot be rectified and the support is VERY unresponsive, pretty much refusing to acknowledge that a it used to work even though I could show them a working site pre-upgrade b that addresses should be different in different languages and c that the various plugins are no longer sensitive to the second language showing either ALL or NONE even though I have bent over backwards to provide access to test sites where things are not good.

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Per aver scelto WPML, vi adoreranno! We are happy to help you. Traduci nella tua lingua. Andrés Cifuentes Support Team. Disponibile esclusivamente nella versione Multilingual CMS Easily send content for translation to one of the integrated translation services Successfully activated and authorized translation service. Wpmml quasi tutti i temi o plug-in che trovate funzionano in questo modo, WPML funzionerà facilmente senza problemi. Review setting not preserved on translation of variable product Bug fixed:

Product parents not synced between dpml grouped products Bug: Lavoriamo con altri autori di temi e plug-in per garantirne la compatibilità. Everyone can read, but only WPML clients can post here. In order for the checkout and store pages to appear translated, you need to create several WordPress pages and insert the WooCommerce shortcodes into them. Incorrect decimal separator for prices on WordPress admin Bug fixed: Noi ci occuperemo di tutti i dettagli tecnici per il funzionamento dei siti di WordPress multilingue.


Il nostro team di sviluppo è proattivo e lavora per garantire il funzionamento fluido del vostro sito. Paypal rejects payments with decimals on certain currencies 3.

Integrazione del vostro servizio di traduzione con WPML

La sfida inizia quando i vostri clienti devono gestirlo. Vi aiuteremo a incrementare gli affari e penseremo a tutti gli aspetti tecnici per voi.

Make sure that your theme is not hard-coding any URL. WooCommerce Bookings — wplm product appeared multiple times in the cart in some cases Bug fix: Can I set the prices in the secondary currencies?

Events Manager and WPML Compatibility

By removing an attribute, wpmp the terms in the default language were wp,l from wpmll database. May 17, at On individual products, however, you wppml override this and set prices manually for the secondary currencies. Per aver scelto WPML, vi adoreranno!


Added option to synchronize the products and product taxonomies order. Noi ci occuperemo di tutti i dettagli tecnici per voi. A variable product was showing an incorrect price in the cart Bug fixed: Fixed product stock sync for variable products.

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This used to work well until about November You can do that on the Store URLs section. Tried getting WPML involved in this but they gave up wpmml quickly.



Problemi risolti negli ultimi due mesi:. A product could appear multiple times in the cart when added in different languages Bug fix: Fix Sign-up fee recalculation cost in some situations Theme Storefront: When using the option to display only products with custom prices in the secondary currencies and the price was 0, the wp,l variations were not visible on the front end.

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Potete organizzare diversi contenuti linguistici nello stesso dominio in directory dpmlin wpmp o in domini completamente diversi. We are happy to help you. Potete impostare le informazioni meta della SEO per epml traduzioni. Emails not sent in the correct language when uses wp,l action on orders list page Bug: Variations not showing in the correct language in some circumstances Optimizations for the WooCommerce Multilingual products admin page — faster when a large number of products exist Duplicate translations too when duplicating a WooCommerce product Fixed: The stock status was not synchronized correctly for variable products.

Wrong price format and order total were displayed on the new order page in the WP admin Bug fixed: