14th & 15th, 2018
Buffalo, NY


CodeDaze is a conference dedicated to code, design, development, and everything tech! We will explore the cutting edge tech, best practices, and all things that make our community awesome! Join us at the historic Buffalo Central Library in Downtown Buffalo, NY and become part of this revival of the art of technology!

At the first CodeDaze, we saw speakers touch on everything from emerging languages, to mental health in tech, to best design practices, to hardware and software interfaces. We expect Volume 2 to be even more exciting – don’t miss out!




Your Hosts


Breakfast / Registration 8:00 – 9:00
Opening Comments 9:00 – 9:15
Keynote: Avdi Grimm 9:15 – 10:00
I fought the Code, and the Code Won 10:10 – 10:45
The Great Migration: From Monolith to SOA 10:50 – 11:20
Serverless Python & The Secret Origin of the Power Rangers 11:30 – 12:05
Lunch 12:05 – 13:30
A Little on Accessibility 13:30 – 14:05
We are 3000 Years Behind: Let’s Talk About Engineering Ethics 14:05 – 14:40
Break 14:40 – 14:55
A Droid’s Journey with mRuby & Go 14:55 – 15:30
Code Review is an Architectural Necessity 15:35 – 16:10
Alice’s Adventures in AI-land 16:20 – 17:05
Closing Comments 17:05 – 17:15
Karaoke party at The Savoy (149 Elmwood Ave Buffalo, NY 14201) (not sponsored) 19:30 – 22:30
Breakfast / Registration 8:00 – 9:00
Opening Comments 9:00 – 9:15
Keynote: Emily Freeman 9:15 – 10:00
Title Pending 10:10 – 10:45
Testing Frameworks Aren’t Enough to Save You 10:50 – 11:20
You want to change the world? Start by taking responsibility 11:30 – 12:05
Lunch 12:05 – 13:30
A Primer on Functional Programming 13:30 – 14:05
Distributed by Design: A Feature, not a Bug 14:05 – 14:40
Break 14:40 – 14:55
Talking about Mental Health in Tech 14:55 – 15:30
Lessons in Ethical Development I Learned from Star Wars 15:35 – 16:10
What Can Computers Do? 16:20 – 17:05
Closing Comments 17:05 – 17:15

Things to Do
in Buffalo

check out our curated list of fun activities for you and your fellow attendees.

Across from the Hotel Lafayette is the historic Downtown Branch of the Buffalo and Erie County Library, home of Mark Twain manuscripts, a rare book room, and a LaunchPad Maker Space.

Looking for a place to hang out and get some work done? Checkout CoWork Buffalo.

Are you more the artsy type? Take a look at both the Albright Knox, a modern art museum which happens to be right across the street from the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Planning a trip to beautiful Niagara Falls? (and you should) you may want to head over to the Canadian side. If so, be sure to bring a passport as it will be necessary when returning to the US side.

Are you a burgeoning architecture buff? Be sure to catch both Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex and Buffalo’s famous art deco City Hall.

FOr a walk on a beautiful day, there’s the Buffalo Naval Park and Canal Side, the Botanical Gardens, the Buffalo Zoo, and the famous Forest Lawn Cemetery.

And Buffalo has the best food and pubs you can imagine! We bet a few will want to check out anchor bar where wings were invented (NOTE: do not order Buffalo Wings! They’re called Chicken Wings). There’s also Fat Bob’s Smokehouse, Liberty Hound, The Allentown District of shops, pubs, and restaurants, and so much more!


The Buffalo and Erie County Central Library Auditorium

1 Lafayette Square, Buffalo, NY 14203








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